"The beauty of Student-Focused Coaching is the versatility of the model, tools, and strategies that are applicable as both an instructional coach and campus administrator. As I was learning and utilizing the Student-Focused Coaching model, I transitioned to an assistant principal position and found that I continued to use the model seamlessly. What was most impactful for me was the 4-week online course along with the interactive book that allowed me to dig deeper and reflect on my practice. The book contains application exercises, virtual coaching tips, and reflection points that provided multiple opportunities for me to engage with the model, practice, and refine the process. Student-Focused Coaching truly places the most important beneficiary of learning at the forefront of instruction - our students!" Beatrice Cruz (Texas)

“The learning from the SFC course will impact student learning. The discussions related to the phases, listening, and nonverbal communication were helpful and insightful. I looked forward to learning from Dr. Michel and all of the participants from multiple states every Tuesday evening. It’s an essential course for coaches.” Tanesha Yusuf (Texas)

"What National Board Certification did for me as a teacher—refinement, reflection, results—Student-Focused Coaching does for me as an instructional coach." Anthony Rosenberger (Arizona)

"Student-Focused Coaching is an amazing resource for individuals, schools, and districts who are developing or "resetting" their design for instructional coaching. The tools, reflection questions, and practice examples provide support and learning opportunities for those new to coaching, as well as for those who have many years of experience! Additionally, the organization of the book allows for frequent and easy reference of information and tools!" Jamie Larson (Iowa)

"Student-Focused Coaching provides tools to meet individual teachers where they are while also informing the coach or would-be coach on how to build a culture of collaborative problem solving. I found the chapters full of pragmatic guidance for coaching in a variety of scenarios, and there are a number of communication tools for everyone in the process (coaches, administrators, and teachers) to employ to make sure that messaging is clear and continues to focus time, energy, and attention on supporting student learning and growth." Alicia Ross (Pennsylvania)

Student-Focused Coaching Asynchronous Learning


During this professional learning series, educators or administrators (e.g., instructional coach, district- or campus-administrator, department chair, or others interested in coaching) will learn about Student-Focused Coaching (SFC) and explore tools, resources, and strategies from the recently published book written by Drs. Jan Hasbrouck and Daryl Michel.

Beta Testing:

Here is an asynchronous guide to use when leading a book study or learning on your own. We are beta testing this guide through October 2022, and there's currently no cost to use. As you use each section, feel free to comment and add feedback for course improvements.

Texas Assessment Conference

Date: November 9, 2022

Time/Location: 10:00am CST; Round Rock, TX

Presentation Title: 

Using Student Data to Unite Teams: A Collaborative Problem-Solving Process



Reading, Literacy, & Learning Conference

Date: November 12, 2022

Time/Location: TBD/San Antonio, TX

Presentation Title: 

Meeting ALL Students' Needs: A Collaborative Problem-Solving Process to Guide Teacher Decision-Making



National Council of Teachers of English: Conference on English Leadership 

Date: November 22, 2022



Time/Location: 10:40 am PST, Anaheim, CA



Presentation Title: Enhancing Student Literacy Learning: A Cross-Disciplinary Approach




Information: https://ncte.org/groups/cel/convention/



Collaborative Classroom Webinar 

Date: December 8, 2022



Time/Location: 4:00 pm EST, Virtual



Presentation Title: A Conversation about Coaching with Jan Hasbrouck and Daryl Michel








Reading with TLC Webinar 

Date: December 14, 2022



Time/Location: 6:00-8:00 pm CST, Virtual



Presentation Title: TBD




Information: https://shop-readingwithtlc.com/collections/trainings/04-upcoming-hot-topic-webinars