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"Student-Focused Coaching is an invaluable guide and has directly impacted our collaboration with teachers nationwide. This practical model emphasizes the importance of maximizing teacher knowledge and efficacy and engages educators in collaborative problem-solving to prevent future challenges. In gathering feedback, we've learned that teachers and coaches are applying the student-focused approach to goal setting and instruction within their classroom setting. They also love the opportunity to learn with and from their colleagues. Thank you for providing such clear guidance on the many layers of effective coaching!" AIM Institute for Learning & Research (Pennsylvania)







Reading Road Trip

Podcast Title: Literacy Coaching and Professional Learning

What We Do

  • Implement content from the Student-Focused Coaching book.

  • Establish and maintain relationships by conversing with and learning from all stakeholder groups.

  • Learn about existing systemic practices by engaging with various stakeholder groups.

  • Implement a Collaborative Problem-Solving Process to define a problem based on student data/evidence, set and monitor goals, and decide on implementation action items.

  • Develop and deliver differentiated, sustained professional learning experiences to meet diverse learner needs.

  • Respond to the unique needs of individuals whom we support.

  • Model research-validated, evidence-based routines and activities to guide organizational change.

  • Support the development and design of systems that connect and align standards, assessments, instruction, and intervention.

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Upcoming Conference Presentations

November 6-8, 2023: Texas Assessment Conference

Presentation Titles: The SAILS Framework: A Research-based Approach to Academic Achievement and Student-Focused Coaching: Creating a Climate and Culture for Student Success

November 27-29, 2023: World Association of Lesson Study (Zwolle, The Netherlands)

Presentation Titles: Leaders Enabling Teachers to Talk Through the Construction of Strategic Coherence; But You Heard the Student and Peer Colleague Reactions: Why Return to Status Quo?; and discussant for Let’s Talk about Lesson Study in Vocational Education and Training

December 12, 2023: Oregon Response to Instruction and Intervention (Virtual)

Presentation Titles: Instructional Coaching and MTSS

January 31-February 2, 2024: Plain Talk about Literacy and Learning (New Orleans, LA)


Presentation Title: Instructional Coaching

March 21, 2024: Literacy Promise Conference (Provo, UT)


Presentation Titles: Making Your Invisible Thinking Visible through Oral and Written Expression and Academic Vocabulary: An Essential Skill for Reading Comprehension

June 10-11, 2024: Ohio Literacy Symposium (Columbus, OH)


Presentation Titles: TBD

June 11-13, 2024: PaTTAN Literacy Symposium (Pennsylvania, Virtual)


Presentation Titles: I Can’t Read Your Mind: Making Thinking Visible Through Oral and/or Written Expression and Cohesiveness: Align Efforts and Increase Opportunities for Focused Collegial Conversations


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