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“Working with Dr. Michel to plan project- and product-based themed units was an experience that was incredibly intellectually stimulating. His style of facilitation fostered deep critical thinking and reflection and created thought-provoking opportunities that allowed our teams to connect and grow. Our “Daryl Days” were expertly tailored to the needs of our campuses, helping us to develop research-based tools for planning cross-curricular instruction."

Nakia Bellow, Sarah Hopkins, Maggie Queen, Christina Stark

Galveston ISD Magnet Coordinators

In Galveston ISD, we collectively created an innovative and unique approach to designing cross-curricular magnet themed units to accomplish one deliverable included in a federal grant. Authentic conversations over the course of several months gave voice to individuals who will implement the units, as well as guidance for those who will provide support. The back-and-forth dialogue resulted in the design of a/an:

  • unit design template,

  • cross-curricular unit thinking map, and

  • identification of community partners who might contribute to unit learning.

Most importantly, however, was the critical thinking, reflection, risk-taking, and collegial conversations. 

Infinite Possibilities: Personalized Outcomes

Margaret Wheatley said to never underestimate the power of a simple conversation. And this is exactly how our collaborative journey for change begins. We converse about your organization's hopes and expectations; empower and bring voice to various stakeholder groups; pose authentic, reflective questions to deepen our learningand simplify or prioritize actions.

The goal: Being responsive to where your organization wants to be.

Thought Partner

"I have worked with Dr. Daryl Michel for several years. I have been very impressed by his knowledge of effective school systems and, most importantly, his ability to both clearly communicate and guide complex groups to achieving successful outcomes. I'm so pleased that he agreed to work with me as a coauthor on a book on providing coaching support in schools."

Jan Hasbrouck, PhD

JH Educational Services

In several school districts, coaching has become a priority as a means to support and guide instruction and implementation. This has meant engaging in collaborative conversations with multiple stakeholder groups throughout complex systems to clearly and concisely design and communicate coaching responsibilities. As a result of these ongoing conversations, innovations include:

  • responsibilities that are organized around the roles of facilitator, collaborative problem solver, and teacher/learner;

  • evaluation tools that measure the effects of coaching;

  • differentiated, sustained professional learning sessions to improve or strengthen an individual's coaching skills; and

  • systems for building capacity in others to sustain coaching practices.

Innovations and learnings from some of these coaching projects may be found in the upcoming book titled Student-Focused Coaching: The Instructional Coach’s Guide to Supporting Student Success through Teacher Collaboration by Drs. Jan Hasbrouck and Daryl Michel.


“You never begin a conversation or attend a planning session with Daryl Michel and end up where you started. Learning will happen! If you are wanting outcomes, time with him is never wasted! Time with Daryl is sure to include honesty, humor, respect, focus, synergy, and positive outcomes.”

Jodie Wymore



Acceleration is action, taking a step forward, continuous development, and authentically inviting others to get down to serious business! In real-life experiences, individual or team engagement and discourse:

  • includes structures for active listening,

  • sparks curiosity,

  • provokes further investigation,

  • deepens or leads to new understanding,

  • preserves time to think,

  • challenges the unexpected,

  • creates wonder, 

  • seeks feedback, and

  • simplifies the complex.


Prioritization and focus are key! And, equally important, is to transform 

systems that can lead to the acceleration and deepening of learning throughout the organization. 

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